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In the theurgy of Iamblicus priestly rites come to share equal ground with the contemplative practice of philosophy, as he clearly regards ritual mechanisms as an essential means to quicken mystical evolution. Resonating with the Proclus’ own monadic solar devotions, Iamblicus describes how devotion to deity dissolves the imagined barriers between the microcosmic abodes of the gods within the self and that of their abiding presence within the macrocosmic hierophany of True Being.
Dr. Layne R. Little teaches courses on Hinduism, Buddhism, Esoterism and Religion & Popular Culture in the Religious Studies Department at U.C. Berkeley and in the Humanities Department at California State University: Sacramento. He is the author of the “Hinduism” and “Buddhism” chapters in Oxford University Press’ newest world religions textbook, Invitation to World Religions (now in its 2nd edition). He is co-author of OUP’s Invitation to Western Religions and Invitation to Asian Religions (to be released in 2015). In addition, he has published numerous other articles on Śaiva Siddhānta, Tamiḻ Literature and Siddha Tantrism. For thirty years he has been an active practitioner and initiate of a variety of Hindu, Buddhist, Neo-pagan and Esoteric Orders.


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