2014 Program

10 am – 10:45 am     Opening introductions and remarks

11  – 12:30  Theurgy, Hindu Ritual Theory & the Practical Adaptation of Hindu Rites to Other Pagan Contexts with Dr. Layne Little
This practical workshop consists of the performance of a Lakṣmi Puja, to invoke the Goddess of Fecundity and Auspiciousness to coincide with the approaching rites of Vara Lakṣmi Noṅpu (“Penance for the Wish-granting Lakṣmi”). This will be followed by a ārathi rite for Hermes. Handouts and instructions will be given for adapting Hindu devotional rites such as these to other pagan contexts and their symbolic and philosophical relevance to Neoplatonism via Iamblicus’ “Defense of Theurgy.” An extensive question and answer session will follow that promises to explore the Hindu philosophical and symbolic development of ritual from Vedic, Upaniṣadic, and early Vaikanasa ritual praxis, to the more Tantric-based Agācmic and Pañcarātra models which can be seen to increasingly relate to the theurgy of Iamblicus. [read more]

12:30 – 1:30 pm –  Lunch easily found  nearby, or bring a bag lunch

1:30 – 2:30 pm  Theurgy at the Meeting of the International Society for Neoplatonic Studies   with Bruce MacLennan
We will bring him in with remote viewing and project the call on a large screen. His talk on current theurgic practice at ISNS was standing room only and generated some views of the TheurgiCon website. His interviews with local pagans provided the source of his material. [read more]

3 – 5 pm   Group discussion with Q & A.
We have asked presenters from previous years to suggest some good topics to discuss. You can also bring your own questions. Then we can pick the questions of the most interest.  [read more]

  6 pm  Dinner and Social time – we can send out for delivery.

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