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We will be adding some articles soon and have enabled comments. Please let us know where your interests lie. We look forward to hearing from you.

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  1. Testy

    Just testing the comment feature. We ask that you register in order to cut down on spam and troll comments.

  2. Testy

    Once you have registered and had your initial comment approved, you will be able to post and reply to comments w/o any delay. The admin will be emailed when an intial comment is added so there shouldn’t be more than a cpl of hours delay.

  3. mythrus

    Please let us know if you have any problems with registration and/or posting comments. Email us at webmaster”at”

  4. grayraven

    At the first Theurgicon a woman mentioned that what was needed was a new metaphysical system for clearer and a more open vision of reality. I have been working on such a system and I could submit an essay that outlines it if anyone is interested in reading such an essay?

  5. mythrus

    That would be great, pop an email to the webmaster and I will send it to the “Boss”

  6. grayraven

    I will get the essay together and submit it shortly.


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